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Bishop Lamor Miller-Whitehead


Radical, Revolutionary, Innovative, Anointed, and Cutting Edge are some of the words often used to describe Bishop Lamor Miller- Whitehead. He is a Dynamic Preacher, Motivational Speaker, Social Activist, Community Leader, and Entrepreneur. Bishop Lamor Miller- Whitehead is a visionary with a shepherd’s heart whose influence has made its impression both in the church and in the world.

Born in Brooklyn, New York, Bishop Whitehead was raised by his loving Mother who was forced to be both mother and father as the result of the murder of Bishop Whitehead’s Father, Arthur Miller- a Politician and Community activist. On June 14, 1978, He was brutally beaten and strangled by 16 police officers, which resulted in his untimely and unjust death. This occurred when Bishop Whitehead was just six months old. For this reason, Bishop Whitehead has devoted his life and the ministry entrusted to him toward assisting in the empowerment of his community and to lead as an example of how God can turn Pain into Purpose.

Growing up as a young man on the mean streets of Brooklyn was not easy. Bishop Whitehead found himself in the predicament that many young men are faced with today; being raised in a single parent home, without a father and expected to survive in a world that was designed for him to fail in. Still through it all, Bishop Whitehead managed to finish High School as a celebrated athlete and went on to score athletic scholarships with Shaw University, Farmingdale University, and Eastern New Mexico University, where he studied Accounting and Videography. Bishop Whitehead attended New York Theological Seminary and completed his studies with a certificate in Ministry in Human Services from the Theological Institution of Rising Hope Inc.; accredited through Nyack College. He is a licensed New York State Chaplain and a certified marriage & funeral officiant. Bishop Whitehead is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the word of God and he has a unique ability to relate the revelations in The Word to this generation’s culture and communities. He’s careful to declare that his posture will forever be that of a student who is eager to learn more and more as The Lord gives him grace.

One of the most challenging times in Bishop Whitehead’s life came when he was illegally convicted and sentenced to 11 and 1/3rd to 34 years in prison. This presented itself to be one of the most pivotal points in his life, where Bishop Whitehead’s faith was surely tested. This experience challenged him daily to stand on everything he knew about God. Bishop Whitehead learned to fashion his life as the Apostle Paul did during the times of His imprisonment and draw closer to God in his afflictions. Bishop Whitehead believes that through this experience, his walk and his calling in God was solidified and strengthened. By the grace of God, Bishop Whitehead served 6 years in prison and was released after his sentence was overturned. This experience has also propelled Bishop Whitehead to expand his ministry to include services that speak directly to prisoners serving lengthy sentences and to youth headed in the wrong direction. His focuses have been to enlighten the youth to prevent them from making decisions that will alter their destiny. Bishop Whitehead has been very active in directing various programs that will help incarnated individuals during their imprisonment and after their re- entry in to society.

Bishop Whitehead is a well- rounded individual who has also excelled in the business world. From owning his own mortgage firm and real estate firm, to being a well- respected advisor to very prominent men and women in various political positions. Over the years, Bishop Whitehead had developed very valuable relationships with judges, congress men and women, senators and other law makers who now seek out his advice as well as his endorsement during their election processes.

Among these great accomplishments, Bishop Whitehead is most grateful for his upbringing in the church where he learned to love and serve God at Universal Temple under the leadership of the late Bishop Landon E. Penn. He went on to serve under the leadership of Bishop Albert Jamison of Pleasant Grove Baptist Church. There he served as Bishop Jamison’s adjutant and later accepted the call of God on his life. Bishop Jamison later ordained him as a minister in 2006. In 2014 he was ordained as Pastor and as Bishop in 2016.

Bishop Whitehead has a genuine love for God’s people. In 2013 he Founded Leaders of Tomorrow Ministry in Brooklyn, NY which began as a step out on faith, with the support of 43 people who believed and met in his home for bible study. The ministry quickly grew and began to make a positive spiritual impact in both the lives of the attendants and the community. Leaders of Tomorrow Ministry empowers people through the Word of God. The ministry focuses on spiritual liberty, education development, cultural exposure, political activation, economic awareness and strengthening. These key elements assists its members in the process of allowing their minds to be transformed and renewed into a new direction, providing a sense of deliverance and connection, creating positive change in their lives and ultimately their communities. He believes that the body of Christ should be empowered in every area of life. His preaching and teaching focuses on empowering believers spiritually, developing them educationally, exposing them culturally, activating them politically and strengthening them economically.

Currently, Bishop Whitehead has been commissioned by God to take the ministry beyond the constraints of the four walls of the church. For this reason, Bishop Whitehead has been extremely active in his community where he is the director of several initiatives to empower and enrich the lives of the youth, single parents, men, and battered women to name a few. He has been adopted as the mentee of the honorable Eric Adams- who currently serves as the Brooklyn Borough President. Bishop Whitehead was responsible for the Brooklyn Borough President Eric L Adams’ youth division in Brooklyn NYC representing over 1 million young people in the borough of Brooklyn. During his tenure, he held the “Stop the Violence” initiative, and organized the LOTB speaking tour, “Youth At Risk, Brooklyn teen summit and Gang initiative.” His contributions have been highlighted in numerous publications, including 107.5 WBLS; FOX 5 news, USA Today, and Hip Hop weekly. Bishop Whitehead has appeared on ABC News, PIX 11, Fox 5 News, Channel 12 News and Rise TV just to name a few. He also served as a panelist at the National Town Hall Meeting, with the Brooklyn borough president Eric Adams, Senator Jessie Hamilton, Public Advocate Letitia James, Council Women/Man Laurie Cumbo, Robert Conergie, Assemblywoman Latrice Walker and Assemblyman Charles Barron etc.

Bishop Whitehead is firm in his belief in the word of God and the power of transformation through God’s love and grace. His life has been a witness that purpose is found in pain and that God can turn a life of trials into a life of testimony and great joy! His endeavor is to now share his wealth of knowledge through the gifts God has given him, to empower, inspire and assist God’s people in finding their purpose through understanding their process which will lead to them ultimately obtaining the promise. When all is said and done Bishop Whitehead can always be heard saying “To God Be the Glory, for the great things He has done!”

Bishop Lamor M. Whitehead has a loving family with two beautiful children Jaidyn Lamor and Soriah Whitehead.

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